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At High Wired Coffee Roasters, we consider it an honor to partner with community and charitable organizations in their fundraising efforts. Our Coffee for a Cause program is a fun, simple and profitable option of raising money for your organization. We have different programs to fit your fundraising needs. Getting started is easy. Call us today!

Why coffee sales?

Coffee is a consumable product that is already in most household budgets. More than 50% of adult Americans drink coffee daily. The US is the leading consumer of coffee in the world. With specialty coffee sales increasing by 20% annually, the profit potential is unlimited. (Our suggested profit per bag is $6. If a team of 15 participants sells 20 bags each, the organization earns a profit of $1800.) High Wired coffee can offer you – Fundraising that’s fun!

Traditional program

Perfect for teams, schools and youth groups, our traditional program is participant driven. Simple as 1, 2, 3: Orders collected, coffee roasted, coffee delivered

Social media campaign

This internet-based program can be posted to multiple social media platforms and reaches a much wider audience. This basically hands off program is a perfect option for charitable organizations.

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